Mobile membership card instructions

Kamraatit Ry – Mobile membership card instructions

The Kamraatit ry membership card is a mobile membership card. To get the membership card you will need to download an application called Lompakko (Wallet) to your mobile phone. The membership card will be sent to the mobile phone number indicated in our membership register. If you already have IFK’s season ticket as a mobile card, the Kamraatit Ry membership card will update without any separate activation.

An electronic card is delivered by SMS: the customer receives a link in the SMS to the phone on which the card can be downloaded. The text says:
“Kamraatit ry has sent you a mobile card. You can download it at (link to the application store). Your activation code is (XXXXXXX). ”

By clicking on the link in the message, you will be directed to the right application store depending on your phone’s operating system. Save the activation code as you will need it when you first open the Lompakko app. The Lompakko app also initially asks for your email address for the Recovery-Service of this card. This email address will be used later if you want to transfer the card to a new phone if the phone gets broken, lost or replaced. Once you’ve got the application installed, Kamraatit ry’s membership card will be automatically downloaded there.

Mobile card registration

After you have enabled your Lompakko mobile card, it is recommended that you register the card after it’s installed. The mobile card is attached to the phone number in use and to that phone. Registration allows you to restore a card to another phone if you change your phone to a new one, your phone gets lost or broken or you have changed your phone number.

  1. In the Lompakko app, select Recovery-Service.
  2. Enter the email address to which you want the card to be registered. Re-enter it. This email address will be used later if you want to transfer the card to a new phone when the old phone gets broken, lost or replaced. You will then receive a verification message to your email address that includes a code.
  3. To confirm your recovery-email enter the Confirmation Code you received to your recovery email address (a 4 number digit). Press submit. If you did not receive an email, you can try sending email to another address by selecting “Re-enter Email”. After that, your card is registered and you can restore/ transfer the card to another device if necessary by following the instructions for restoring your Mobile Card.

Restoring a Mobile Card

Restoring a card to a new device is only possible if you have registered it in the past. The Restore feature allows you to restore the card from the disabled phone to a new one.

  1. Open the Lompakko app on your new device that doesn’t have your membership card. You can download the application from your app store on your phone. Click Restore.
  2. In the upper field enter the email address that you have previously registered for the card. Here, small and capital letters should be used in the same way as when registering. Enter the old or new phone number in the lower field where you want the registration code to be sent to. The phone number must be in international format +358501234567. You will receive an e-mail to the registered email address and a text message to the phone number you entered.
  3. Enter the code you got to your e-mail in the upper field and enter the SMS code in the lower field and press Send. After that the card is activated in the new phone. In the event of any problems, you can also contact us by e-mail and we will try to help you according to our best ability.