Greetings from Kamraatit

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Hello Kamraatti!

Thank you for being part of our wonderful season. We have recruited more people to our organization and we were able to restart producing our podcasts. Collaboration with IFK has improved every year and we are very happy about that. Right now Kamraatit are working hard on planning all the things we are going to do next season. Some are good old and new things are coming as well! And as a Kamraatit member you will be the first to hear!

We are opening our membership registrations 1.7. Your last season’s membership is valid until 09/2018 or until we send you a new card. We are in the process of negotiating new benefits, you will hear about that closer to the season start. Next season we will operate HIFK Jangsterit (Youngsters, 13-17 year old IFK fans own club) and therefore we will have to start asking for a birth date when registering.


You have propably heard of this EU regulation of data protection. I will tell here shortly, but feel free to ask if you wish to know more. Most important things: three people can see your membership information and one of them is checking payment status, two are providing info and ordering membership cards. We send your name and telephone number out to our membership card provider via online portal. They have no right to use your information to anything but delivering the card to your phone. Kamraatit will not sell nor give your information anywhere without your consent. This is a promise! If you have questions please email me Heidi @

Heidi Lehessalo
Kamraatit ry