Without the journey you don´t have a destination (published 10/2017)

We have played about one sixth of the regular season in Liiga. In addition to that we´ve had a few rehearsal games and five out of six CHL-games.

Since the CHL was founded, it has been a cool thing to me, a nice addition to the Liiga-games. People haven´t quite found their way to the CHL-games yet and many of them think the games as rehearsal games compared to Liiga-games. I still see it as CHL brings more interest to the arenas, seeing european teams play against each other. Something completely different than in our Liiga. In addition to that thanks to it´s consept, it brings fans from different countries together, especially because they launched the Fan Ambassador-programme last year.

I´ve enjoyed every CHL-game I´ve been in, even though the final result might not have been what I wanted. Thanks to Kamraatit, the most memorable CHL-moments last season, have been while working as a Fan Ambassador with them. Meet and greet with the current Top Scorer Teemu Eronen, a tour in Nordis and last but not least; the price trip to the CHL Final. All of these will go to the forefront of my hockey memories.

Even though the start of the season hasn´t been what we expected, I still have enjoyed every CHL-game I´ve been to. We have two very tough teams in our group and to them we lost all the games. In addition to them, we have one opponent from Cracovia, Poland. We just played against them and won 0-6. That was a good game and we still have one game left against them, next week actually! I will absolutely be there, cheering for my team, even though the result doesn´t really matter anymore. We still want to win!

With great joy, we also waited for the Liiga to start. Compared to the quality of our team, the result hasn´t been what we expected. We´ve had our chances at scoring goals, but it has been an issue, especially in the beginning. Our team is top-class and very talented, but they haven´t got the best out of themselves yet. Frustrating for the fans. Even more frustrating for the team. It´s not nice and it doesn´t feel good to go home with another loss. Sometimes it feels like even the fortune hasn´t been on our side. I still have seen some great effort from the team.

Since we´ve had a rocky start, Kamraatit decided to organize a secret ”mission” and we collected positive feedback and cheers from the fans. We had so many letters, pictures and videos to give to the team and also each player got at least one letter of their own. And after we´ve seen the reactions, I think it´s appropriate to say it was a big success! All of this also made me very happy. When your family is in trouble and facing challenges, it´s our duty to step up and support them. To show the power we have together. At it´s best, it makes you feel so happy and thankful for what we have. Something you can´t describe. Something you can only know if you are a part of our red family.

In the last few games we´ve had some success. It´s still a challenge to play a clean 60 minutes, but I believe and know it will happen. I have a great trust in our team and our family. We just have to be patient and good things will happen to good people. It´s not going to be all happy and cheerful, and we will face some difficulties, but all of these things are a part of the journey. And the journey is what makes everything worth it. Not only the final score or the destination. Without the journey you don´t have a destination.