HIFK connecting people and countries

Minä olen Andrea. Minä olen 36- vuotias ja asun Düsseldorfissä, Saksassa. Minä olen naimisissa ja puhun saksaa, englantia ja vähän suomea!

Hahaha and that is where it already ends!  😊

This is the first time for me that I write a blog about me and my life as an IFK Fan outside of Finland.

It all started about 10 years ago when I watched a documentary about Helsinki! I wanted to see this city by myself and I booked a weekend trip to Helsinki in the middle of December! It was cold, very cold, it was dark and there was a lot of snow! But I instantly fell in love! With the city, the country, the people, the language…….with everything!

After a few visits in Helsinki (most of them were in summertime which means off-season) I spend a week in Helsinki in September and I was a lucky girl because I was able to buy tickets for the first derby of the season against Jokerit in jäähalli!

Some people ask why I chose HIFK and not Jokerit? But honestly!!!!! Who likes clowns?  😉

The game was amazing! It was a home victory and the atmosphere in jäähalli was just breathtaking! There were all these people in red screaming, jumping and singing for their team! I still remember those goosebumps I had! There were no doubts that this is my team, this is the place I feel comfortable.  After the game, I bought a jersey and flew home with a big smile on my face! At the moment, there are 5 jerseys in the closet and I guess there is enough space for some more!

I try to see as many games as possible! Luckily, there is Ruutu. The registration was not so easy if you don´t speak Finnish pretty good! But it worked and with a little help of a nice (Finnish) program, I can tell Ruutu that I am in Finland while watching the games! Otherwise the geo-blocking would not allow me to see the games!  I always have to consider the time difference of one hour when I´m heading the 50km from work home to be there right in time for the game. Meanwhile I get so used to the Finnish commentators that I can´t handle it to watch a game with English or even German commentators! Did you ever hear German commentators pronouncing Finnish names! It’s awful!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I get the chance to see IFK outside Finland I take it! I drove to Mannheim and Krefeld, not far away from my hometown to support the team! Always by my side is my best friend Claudia! If we don´t get the chance to see our boys play in Germany we have to go on road trips, to Switzerland for example in 2015 and 2016!  We decided to drive the 750km from Germany to Switzerland just to see one game and to meet old and new friends. And it was totally worth it! Everyone we met was so nice, friendly and open hearted. Last year in Zug, Switzerland, Kamraatit gave me the chance to join the morning session of the team, in the framework of the CHL fan ambassador program! What a wonderful experience for me!

Last but not least I just can say that I´m a happy girl! I found the best team in the world with the best fans and I´m allowed to be part of it! I´m thankful for the people I met and hopefully will meet. A few times in a year I am lucky to join some games in Helsinki! If you meet me at or around Nordis just feel free to talk to me! I will do my very best to answer in Finnish, English or German! Otherwise you can add me on facebook (Andrea Kusch) or Instagram (@dreakusch).

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