Ice hockey in Germany

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Hi everyone!

It´s Noa and I´m an exchange student from Germany living in Helsinki for 10 months. I thought it could be interesting to tell you something about German ice hockey culture so… read below if you’re interested!

As you might know, the most famous sport in Germany is football (soccer), and I’m sure there are a few others before Germans think about ice hockey. But still, we have a good national team called “Träger der Adler” (eagle carriers) and normally there is at least one ice hockey club in every big city. The 5 best and most popular ones at the moment are “Red Bull München”, “Grizzlys Wolfsburg”, “Kölner Haie”, “Adler Mannheim” and “Nürnberg Ice Tigers”.

Now, here’s how this sport started in my home country: the history of German ice hockey started at the end of 19th century with the first ice rink. It took about 15 years until the Germans became part of the international hockey league and the national team played their first game in 1910. Due to the first world war the team was excluded for six years and came back thanks to the engagement of Sweden.

Through all these years, we have managed to get some achievements: we reached 7 bronze, 4 silver and 2 golden medals at the European championships, 2 bronze and 2 silver medals at the worlds championships and 2 bronze medals at Olympic games.
The women’s team is not really successful yet but it’s gaining importance. So take a look at this team in the next competition!

Practice for Hobby Players: During the practice, there is no difference between male and female players. Since the age of 10 girls and boys have to play in separate teams but they do the same exercises and the hours of practice a week are the equal. The only difference is that it’s easier for a boy to find a team to join, because of the less interest of girls in hockey.
Although, interest by girls, and I could say for ice hockey in general, is slowly growing. So maybe one day Germany could get as good as the northern teams. 🙂


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